​Let’s create a shimmering island together 

By Ahamed Rifkan AC
Even though the country’s situation is obvious with many malpractices in governance , administration, keeping promises and responsibilities along with nasty and aloof  in implementing law and order against hate speech and racism  , the citizens’ cognition and concern should be with creating resources and opportunities through creation, innovation & perseverance by entrepreneurship, cooperative strategy and civic engagement activities for enhancing the wellbeing of the people and uplifting people’ life by uplifting  the segments of quality of life.
The misery is that, the racism is again spreading as a fire and attenuate the prevailing coexistence of the county and a group of religious radicals has been acting beyond the law and order and targeting significantly Muslims and also Tamils.  
The parody of this situation is, the previous regime was escaped from its accountability for the riots and violence against Muslims meanwhile, the present ‘Yahapalana’ regime is also playing a nasty and aloof role. As justice delayed is equal to justice denied, the state of abnormal silence of the present government against religious radicalism and hatred speeches are equal to put out the country into the grave. 
The prime responsibility of the government and the police is protecting the people. But, the existing inert actions of the authorities is creating solicitude of the country’s future. 
I am keen to emphasize the crucial highlight that, as a very diverse and pluralistic country, the rulers should be accountable to the citizens’ dignity and freedom of thoughts. Further, the rulers should implement the law and order ever for; 
i. The prevailing racism and its characters as a peril should become into zero
ii. The governance should  protect and empower the citizens
iii. The existing corruption should be eradicated by ideal mechanisms in the administrative and representative system 


As here two major languages are being spoken by four communities or more;
i. Dignity of each citizen should be protected 
ii. Moral should be taught through religions to learn and practice how to live and understand others.
iii. We all should be responsible to protect the natural resources and prosper our own community and the country by inner potential and sharing resources with marginalized people to enhance their life and grab their talents to mainstream the development processes
As we all know, the difficulties behind to create an own entrepreneurship, stages to develop the capitals and giving jobs as an entrepreneur, a group of persona non grata has been set fire on business premises and shops. 
This particular persona non grata never ever bring prosperity to the country or help the expectations in blooming economic prospect.
Likewise, the religious practices should teach the basic principles to live with morals, respect and understand others. As angst, onslaught a religion by the name of another can never bring blossoms or benefits, instead it will devoid the entire goodness. 
Ultimately, I would like to highlight the timely needed actions of the authorities, the police and the government;
i. Implement the law and order ever 
ii. Create milestones for each segments of society and each sectors of the country and plan and work towards achieving the milestones as a galaxy of humans to enhance our life and uplift the segments of the quality of life.



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