Ring of Fire!

A fascinating place,which produces most of the world’s volcanic activity and earthquakes.

  • 40000km,horseshoe shaped area of intense volcanic&seismic activity which follows edges of pacific ocean!
  • It was created by the plate of tectonics,The Pacific Plate ( quite large and thus it borders (and interacts) with a number of large and small plates.)

    The interactions between the Pacific Plate and its surrounding tectonic plates creates a tremendous amount of energy, which, in turn, easily melts rocks into magma. This magma then rises to the surface as lava and forms volcanoes!

  • Responsible for 90% of world’s strongest earthquakes,includes 75% of world’s active volcanoes

Some of the major volcanic events! have occurred with in the Ring!

  1. Mount tambora-1815
  2. Krakatoa-1883
  3. Noverupta-1912
  4. Mount saint Helens-1980
  5. Mount Ruiz-1985
  6. Mount pinnatubo-1991

Largest earthquakes recorded

  1. Chile EQ -1960
  2. Alaska EQ-1964
  3. Chile EQ-2010
  4. Japan EQ-2011
  5. Devastated indian ocean Tsunami!-2004Reference:-national geographic society


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